Six Ways to Embrace the Latest Home Design Trends

Home decor trends can be difficult to track. When we moved into our house last summer, I wanted to update the look of our interior design and make my home look more current, but wasn’t sure how. After all, I know when a certain shade of red or a particular style of jeans has become fashionable, because I can see it everywhere on the streets. But what’s going on inside the most cutting-edge of homes? And more importantly, how can you harness a few trends in your own space, without knocking down an interior wall or renovating a bathroom? Finding pieces under $300 with a trendy feel can give your space just a little jolt of modern style.

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Go retro, but with a contemporary sensibility

Mid-century modern has been on everyone’s lips since the first season of Mad Men debuted in 2007. Suddenly, the understated, clean shapes of the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s are in everyone’s living room. And the style doesn’t seem to be going away. If you’re tempted by contemporary trends like rose gold or copper, or bare Edison bulbs without shades, there’s no reason why you can’t combine them with retro designs. This ceiling fixture gives a wink to The Jetsons, but employs some very 2019 exposed bulbs.

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Think big when it comes to your wall decor.

Gallery walls, displaying a smattering of photos, small artwork, and tiny canvases, have been all the rage for years, but something new is appearing on walls across the country. People are embracing large scale artwork more, and a favorite way of displaying it has been to use bare canvas, without matting or frames. You can even take a cherished photo of your loved ones, or a particularly well-timed photo of the skyline, the sunset, or a recent hike, and upload the photo to Canvas On Demand, who will then print it onto the canvas size of your wishes and ship it to you, making for a particularly personal statement piece.

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Go smart, especially where you’d least expect it

Even if you haven’t engineered a fully-fledged smart home, chances are that sensors and voice activated technology have found their ways into your home to some extent. I was a late adopter, but now I love asking Amazon’z Alexa for the weather forecast in the mornings, and I’m getting on board with the touchpad on my stove. And I love my simplehuman Sensor Can with Voice Control, with its sturdy build and sleek look. If I’m preparing dinner a few feet away, I can ask it to open with my voice, and toss my trash without having to abandon my post during the dinnertime rush. Plus, my 4 year-old can easily use the sensor, allowing him to take some responsibility for his own kitchen-area messes!

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Embrace decor that takes a cue from natural elements

When I flip through decor magazines or catch a glimpse of a newly renovated and redecorated home, I can’t help but notice the ways that nature is making its way indoors. Wooden paneling in kitchens, more natural looking hardwood floors, and stone finishes that look rougher than gleaming granite are trending. This wooden bowl is a perfect way to add a bit of that rough, natural look to your home without remodeling! The unfinished surface and organic shape lend it a peaceful, unique look and feel.

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Add some large scale plants to your succulent collection

When millennials began decorating their homes with tiny, easy-to-maintain succulents, I grabbed ahold of that trend and hung on tight, as evidenced by the tiny potted cacti scattered on nearly every surface of my home. But larger, leafier plants are making their mark right now, riding the wave of the same decor trend that is bringing wild and organic shapes and materials into the home. And did you know you can order live plants through Amazon? Check out this palm; it is versatile, easy to take care of, and perfectly scaled for those empty corners in your home that need a little oomph.

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Give geometric shapes a try

Geometric shapes and patterns are coming back into style, found everywhere from walls to floors. While ikat and kilim rugs have been trendy for some time, if you’re looking to replace an area rug in your home, this geometric patterned rug is a nice pop of color, while still remaining serene and organic, both home decor watchwords at the moment.

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